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parttime 0.1.2

  • Minor updates to documentation to handle new R CMD check NOTEs.

parttime 0.1.1

CRAN release: 2023-03-08

  • Update formals for vctrs generic methods to reflect changes in the vctrs package.

parttime 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2022-11-04

  • Reworked pmax and pmin handling to address edge case failure modes. Performance may be impacted. If you identify performance regressions that impact your work, please file a ticket. (#35, @dgkf)

  • Renamed parse_iso8601 to parse_iso8601_datetime to prepare for introduction of an alternative parser for iso8601 timespans. (#38, @dgkf)

  • New format added for CDISC-style datetime strings. Can be used via as.parttime(..., format = parse_cdisc_datetime). (#38, @dgkf)

  • as.parttime will now, by default, show warnings when some strings fail to parse into the provided format. Behavior can be configured using the new parameter. (#36, @dgkf)

  • extends lubridate-style accessor and assignment helpers, such as year() and year()<-. Unfortuntely, many are provided as S4 generics, and may be masked by other packages that extend these generics. Some generic-like functions are provided only as non-generic forms in lubridate and will always be masked, such as tz(). (#14, @dgkf).

  • added format parameter to as.parttime, allowing for custom regular expressions or functions to be used to parse non-iso formats. If other established standards are regularly needeed, they could be included with the package. (#13, @dgkf)

  • added res (“resolution”) parameter to the impute_* family of functions, allowing for only some field up until the provided resolution to be imputed. With this, also added impute_date_* alternatives which default to imputing to a "day" resolution. (#12, @dgkf)

  • rename is_partial_* to has_partial_* to avoid ambiguity with class checks

  • removed some deprecated pillar interfaces

  • bring package up-to-speed with vctrs package changes from last few years

  • fixed subset assignment operators [<- and [[<-

  • improved imputation as to not introduce dates that aren’t viable for the given month

parttime 0.0.1

  • initial release including loose parsing of ISO 8601 datetime formats using parsedate

  • tibble column formatting using pillar

  • coersion to and from POSIX, Date and character